In the last story, I have talked about one of the most important breakthroughs in computer vision, the Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Today, CNNs are widely implemented into systems that require the processing of visual and spatial information and can be viewed as image features extractors and universal non-linear function…

How the animal visual cortex inspires deep learning architectures

Liu Zishan

Now that I have introduced Marr’s representational framework for vision and Palmer’s model of visual perception, we can now move onto one of the most fascinating biologically-inspired deep learning algorithm known as the Convolutional Neural Network(ConvNet/CNN). But before knowing what is up with this complicated CNN, I will first introduce…

Important Findings that Inspire the Field of Computer Vision

The Building Blocks of Computer Vision

What distinguished computer vision from the already existing…

A brief on our visual system and its promising contribution to the future study of artificial visual perception

So it’s been a very big while since I last updated my blog and ittook me a big while to finally decide what my main research interest is going to be. Artificial Intelligence is a very broad field and can be studied from many approaches — the computational neuroscience or…

Puttatida Mahapattanakul

A deep learning engineer in Edinburgh. My research spans reinforcement and multi-agent learning, causal AI, and algorithmic game theory.

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